Fantasy Friday @ TopSecret Resort

What is your fantasy?  Don’t be afraid of exploring your sexuality, fantasies, and desires.   I’m sure you’ll find some new sexy friends at TopSecret that will be more than willing to help […]

Saturday Night:  This will be our Naughty Nurses and Dirty Doctors Medical Theme Party.  So, please try your best to be in theme and this is an easy one to […]

Halloween Un-Dressed @ TopSecret Resort

It’s All Hallows’ Eve so it is officially TopSecret Resort’s Halloween UNDRESSED Party. Since all of you will be dressing up in your sexiest Halloween costume for tomorrow night’s Exotic Erotic Ball, we […]

Fifty Shades Of Orlando Takeover

This is the first time Submission is hosting a Kinky Hotel Takeover Weekend & we’re excited to showcase our brand in the Orlando BDSM/Swinger Community. Submission has been organizing Fetish […]

Saturday Kinky Pool Party:

Saturday Kinky Pool Party:  Get some rest from Friday night so you could frolic around in your sexy bikini. The pool is beautiful and we have several cabanas so you could relax […]