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Orlando, Fl 32805


Customer Service

Closed Mon-Thurs

Friday 6pm-2am
Saturday 10am-2am
Sunday 10am-7pm

TopSecret Resort is a member only venue.  Most parties require you to have an active membership.  All club attendees are required to sign our membership waiver, purchase a membership and pay the nightly door fee. TopSecret Resort does hold parties periodically that do not require the membership fee.  See the Calendar for party information. 

The Fantasy Suite is open every Friday and Saturday night from 10PM – 4AM. 

  • This is primarily a couple’s amenity. Entrance for singles is limited. 
  • NO smoking indoors PERIOD. Outside patios and balconies are available on every floor and in every room. 
  • TopSecret Resort has a zero-tolerance policy against drugs or prostitution. 
  • Wristbands must be worn at all times.  You will not be allowed into any event area or the Fantasy Suite without a wristband. 
  • No cameras or recording devices are permitted on the Fantasy Floor. This includes cell phones with cameras of any kind. 
  • Visibly intoxicated guests might be refused entry at the discretion of our staff. Management and staff reserve the right to refuse alcohol to guests who consume excessive amounts. 
  • Sexual activity and nudity are ONLY permitted in the Private Fantasy Suite.  Please make sure you act and dress appropriately when in all other areas of the venue.  Violators risk ejection from the party without refund. 
  • All guests must respect the privacy of others. No violence or rude conduct toward a guest or staff will be permitted. 
  • Ask Before You Touch – Ask Once and Only Once.  The Golden Rule: “NO means NO”. Anyone may say “NO” for any reason at any time even if you are in the middle of a swinging encounter and have changed your mind and want to stop it right there! If you are in a situation that makes you uncomfortable, just say “No”. Do not jeopardize your happiness and satisfaction with this lifestyle, or that of your partner, by doing something against your will just because you are afraid to say no.  
  • Do Not Open Closed Doors and Do Not Interrupt Others. 
  • Open/no door – If you don’t mind people watching you play, or having people ask to join in, take your group to a room with no door, or to a room with a door, left wide open. An open door is just that — an invitation to watch or participate. You can always say “no” if someone tries to join your group whom you don’t like, and a group can always say “no” if you ask to join but they don’t want you to. Still, it’s perfectly acceptable here to ask. 
  • Cracked door – If you don’t mind people watching you play, but you don’t want anyone joining in, leave the door cracked open. This is the universal “look, but don’t touch” symbol; you can nudge the door open enough to peek in, but it’s expected you won’t join in or ask to. On some occasions, if someone peeking in looks interesting, they’ll be invited in anyway, but it’s expected that you’ll leave groups alone and just watch unless explicitly invited. 
  • Closed door – If you don’t want any intrusions, keep the door closed entirely. If you’re wandering through a club and spot a closed door, leave it that way. Sometimes a door will have a small window in it, and it’s okay to peek through this, but otherwise, leave it alone. Don’t open the door to peek in, don’t knock to invite yourself into their party, etc. If you do, be prepared for a scolding and a stern “no”. 
  • Do Not Be Creepy or make other members uncomfortable by your actions. Do Not Masturbate Outside Play Areas. 
  • Clean Up Your Own Mess 
  • You may bring your own toys.